Granny Annexe - Kent - High Res-49

All our garden rooms come with a range of services available to you to ensure the space you are looking for will meet your expectations.  As standard, lighting both inside and out, electrical sockets, independent fuse board and heating are included in our quotes and costs.

Also, for security purposes, motion sensing ‘PIR’ detectors are wired in to the outside of the studio to activate the outside lights when approaching the studio.  Not only for security, but for convenience as it allows the user to see where they are stepping in the dark.

Other options which aren’t standard, but can be incorporated at your request range from internet connections, phone lines, TV points, audio installations and outdoor power sockets.

A popular optional extra for privacy reasons are for internal roller blinds to be incorporated on the glazing elements of the build.  Designed into the ceiling in its own recessed area, this ensures they are as unobtrusive as possible.

If you have other requirements not included above, please enquire and we will most likely be able to accommodate your needs.

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