Planning Permission

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Should you require planning permission, this is a service for which we can provide.  We can take care of the full planning application process and carry out all the necessary work for you to realise your garden studio.   There would however be a small administration fee of £800 for this service. The cost of which would be recouped should your application be successful.

Alternatively, should you want to carry out this yourself or use somebody else, we would be more than happy to provide you with the necessary information, such as drawings and specifications to fulfil the required documentation.
All of our garden rooms are prefabricated off site whilst certain parts of the construction happen on site.  The prefabrication of our garden studios provides many benefits such as cost saving, efficiency, speed and accuracy.

Our garden rooms are all manufactured in our own factory in the East Midlands, UK and made to order with a lead time of between 2-5 weeks.

Our sister company and affiliation with Bark Joinery has allowed for our studios to be manufactured all under one roof.  Unlike most other garden studio companies, all of our rooms including the windows, doors and structure itself are manufactured in-house.  This allows us to pass onto our customers a considerable saving as we don’t have to outsource these elements.  Not only is the cost saving beneficial, but as we have a close relationship between the design and joinery teams, our studios have features that other companies could not achieve.  This is evident through our contemporary look, frameless windows and doors and the various carefully considered details.

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