To ensure the temperature of your studio is sufficiently warm, an electric heater is built in as standard to provide the necessary heat.  Thermostatically controlled to maintain an optimum room temperature, the panel heater is of a modern appearance with either black or white glass face finishes.

Insulation within our studios is a crucial element to providing a comfortable internal living space.  100mm rigid insulation boards are embedded into all the exposed walls, floors and ceiling, which ensures the heat is retained within the room and doesn’t result in any heat loss and unnecessary heating costs.  For maximum thermal insulation, we use a secondary level of insulation known as a ‘thermo reflective’ membrane which is essentially a special foil helping to reflect any heat back into the internal space and creates an air tight room.  As a Garden Studio is exposed on all sides unlike a room in a house which may only have one or two elevations exposed to the outdoors, it is important to provide sufficient insulation properties which we have ensured.

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