Garden Studios require a sufficient foundation for the building to sit on.  There are typically two options which we use.  The first being a standard Concrete Slab and the second, our preferred choice, is a Concrete Plinth system.

Concrete plinths are far more economical, eco-friendly and less obtrusive.  They act as supporting feet below the base of the timber structure and displace the weight into the ground through the concrete plinths.  The advantage of this system allows for less excavation and can be laid quickly and efficiently onto uneven ground, without any levelling required.  Not only that, but if you required the studio to be moved, the plinths can be reused again!

Concrete Plinths.

•    95% less concrete than a slab
•    No wet mix needed
•    Portable – Easy site access
•    Adjustable – Easy levelling
•    Allows air flow under building
•    Avoids ground moisture
•    Prevents rain splash back
•    No specialist skills required
•    Re-position and re-useable
•    100% Recycleable

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