It is not just the design and build of our garden rooms that are produced with sustainability and the sympathy of the environment at heart. There are other reasons why deciding to build a garden room can help the environment, the most obvious and impactful being the decision to make the lifestyle change of bringing your office to your home. If you use your contemporary garden studios as an office, then there is no commute to work, saving a considerable amount of energy, not to mention time, money and stress!

Without boring you with the science too much, here’s how we approach sourcing materials and designing and building our garden rooms so that they work in synergy with the environment. We have approached our design process with sustainability and design aesthetics running in parallel. We all want to help sustain the environment where we can but equally we want a build that is contemporary and pleasing to the eye and it will be with our designer garden homes. feel our end product demonstrates what sustainable architecture can achieve without compromising the aesthetics or increased costs which often reduce the eco credentials of a new build.

The timber for our garden rooms is sustainably sourced timber and is used throughout the whole structure.  The environmental impact of using this wood is that the forests where the timber has typically been sourced, is well managed and the trees are replanted to sustain the harvesting of this natural product.  Very little energy is required in sourcing timber in comparison to the energy involved in producing bricks or concrete blocks.

Another design feature that contributes to carbon efficiency is the cantilevered roof. This unique overhanging roof design profile has more purposes than just looking attractive.  Its primary function is to act as a sun shade to screen the direct sunlight on the glazing.  The high pitch of the sun in the summer is screened more than the low sun of the winter.  This helps balance the demand for sunlight, thus maximising the suns energy when most needed in the cooler winter months and reducing its penetration during the hotter months.

There are many features of our garden rooms that contribute to a greener approach to building. If you are like us and hold the environment dear and are thinking of getting that new extension, be it for work or play, then get in touch with

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