Whether you simply require a studio for private dining purposes, or as an additional living area when accommodating your guests- the choice is yours. However, why not be a little creative and use the space for a top range home cinema entertainment system; allowing you to enjoy movies in the comfort of your own abode- perfect for watching the latest DVDs, old classics, and much more.

Our architects and design team work hand in hand creating you a unique yet inspiring home cinema; allowing you to enjoy a movie in a space that has been tailor made to meet your every individual need. To make the most of your garden space; we offer additional features and fixtures to your home theatre such as a private en suite, kitchen/dining area and much more!

Our luxury studios create the perfect environment for your dedicated home theatre; with the help of sophisticated lighting and high quality materials making our garden studios stand apart from the rest. Well considered lighting not only highlights the absolute best of the interior, but also provides a warm and relaxing ambience creating the ideal setting to watch movies in. Our highly insulated and densely packed wall panels allow minimal sound to escape; providing the user with an isolated and dedicated space to enjoy their movie- eliminating any concerns regarding loud noise and the neighbouring homes.

This fantastic opportunity allows you to share this exclusive experience with family and friends. As part of our bespoke package we ensure that attention to detail and innovative design is at the forefront of our agenda- coupled with our experienced yet highly co-operable team.

Here at, we can recommend the best quality audio and screens to heighten your home cinema experience- all recommendations are of a high standard to compliment the high spec of our builds.

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