Garden rooms are a fantastic, modern, innovative creation that allows you to gain extra space without the hassle of moving house or building an old-fashioned conservatory. Today, garden rooms are used in many different ways: a lot of people simply use their extra space as a place to relax away from their house, others have had the building specifically created to use as an office, a gym, a place to entertain or for guests and family to stay; others have even used them as a music room so as not to disturb, or be disturbed by, others.

There are so many options for your garden room and the beginning of January is the perfect time to consider how you would like to use and get the most out of your garden throughout the year.  Garden rooms are ideal for every occasion or event as well as for everyday living and can be used all year round.

One of the most popular uses for contemporary garden rooms is as an office and with the number of homeworkers and home-based businesses in the UK rising annually, more people are taking advantage of accessible technology and cutting out their daily commuting time and costs. The garden room has stepped in as the perfect way to keep your home life and work life separate. Perhaps you are in the music profession or are a music teacher and you need somewhere sound-proof for practicing, teaching or recording: garden studios can free up all of that space used to keep you instruments and equipment and could even save you the expense of renting other studios (and the related travel costs). Maybe you are a fitness fanatic and you are looking for somewhere to hold all of your equipment – if so, a garden gym may be for you, eliminating the inconvenience of using your local gym as well as working around opening times.

At each one of our contemporary garden studios is tailored to your own specific requirements. Not only is the size flexible, but the positioning of doors, windows and partition walls are all elements which are customisable to suit you and your family’s needs. The positioning of your garden room is very important to allow maximum natural light in all year round.  At we can advise you on what would be best to meet all of your requirements.

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