Do I need planning permission?

In most cases, planning permission is typically not required due to this type of building being classified as an outbuilding, which can therefore fall under permitted development.

Permitted development outlines various restrictions which must be met in order to fall into this category. It is often thought there is a set size restriction in place, however, this is a myth and is only applicable to Building Regulations when a building is over 30 sq/m.

The main factors to consider if you wish to fall under permitted development are the proposed buildings relationship with your garden and the surrounding boundary. No outbuilding can be larger than 50% of the garden and it must be positioned to the rear of the main property. Permitted development also specifies that a building within 2m of any boundary must not exceed 2.5m in height. This is not a problem for our smaller Garden Rooms which are set at this height specifically. However larger Studios often need to be positioned 2m from a boundary as the height in slightly larger.

Although these are the most common issues there are various other considerations not mentioned above which may be applicable. This should only be taken as a guide. Please consult the Planning Portal for further detailed information.

If you have any queries regarding planning please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’d be happy to advise.

Are there any considerations regarding building regulations?

Garden structures are normally exempt from building regulations but where they apply will ensure they are met.

How long do I have to wait for my studio?

Every studio is different and varying factors of the site or design will influence the time frame for your studio. Unlike other companies, we at are able to utilise our own manufacturing establishment to deliver the studio in a fast and efficient manner. Our experienced joiners work in parallel with the installers and designers ensuring a high degree of control throughout all aspects of the building process. In the case of a straightforward project, we are able to deliver the finished studio in as little as 3-4 weeks.

Who will install the studio?

Our experienced installation team will deal with the entire process of site preparation, construction, and service connections. The electrical installation will be carried out by a certified electrician in accordance with the building regulatory requirements.
What can I use the building for?

It’s up to you! Our studios provide you with the comfort and benefits of any normal room in your house. Your studio will be highly insulated and fully watertight whilst providing electrical services such as lighting, heating and power points. We ensure that your studio is safe with solid locking mechanisms for the doors and an alarm system for maximum security.

How are the services connected?

To provide the necessary power to the studio’s electrical appliances, we will usually link it to the main electricity circuit provided for your main property. Our professional service team will take care of this installation process and incorporate any other connections you may require such as internet, telephone, television, etc.

Is the studio guaranteed?

Every studio is guaranteed for 5 years with the roof being covered for 20 years. In the unlikely event of a defective part we will ensure its immediate repair as appropriate.

I’m, what now?

Please get in touch with us either by email or telephone to express your interest. We can answer any further questions you may have. The next step would be to arrange a visit to your property to discuss your requirements, assess your garden and ensure the feasibility of erecting the studio.

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