86 sq/m (Proposed)

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30 sq/m (BUILT)

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98 sq/m (Built)


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Garden_Studio_Size_30sqm - plan


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Studio Slough

37 Sq/m (Built)

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7 good reasons why you should chose

Here at studios we offer a full and personal service with all our garden rooms; our main aim is to make the whole process run as smoothly as possible.  Our team are here to provide an array of services and can take care of the full process from inception to completion, providing design services, […]

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Garden Room Guide

“ I have to say this is probably the most exciting garden room project I have seen and I’ve seen a lot. ”

Woody Green
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Why our garden rooms contribute to greener living

It is not just the design and build of our garden rooms that are produced with sustainability and the sympathy of the environment at heart. There are other reasons why deciding to build a garden room can help the environment, the most obvious and impactful being the decision to make the lifestyle change of bringing […]

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Garden Rooms- which side of the fence are you on?

Out with the old and in with the new. Many of our clients have mentioned why they chose a ‘Garden Room‘over a ‘Garden Lodge’, some of the reasons including: -           The appearance of a garden lodge looks dated -           Little insulation if any -           Not built to last- with a common life span between 15-20 […]

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Garden rooms: A New Year a New Garden Room

Garden rooms are a fantastic, modern, innovative creation that allows you to gain extra space without the hassle of moving house or building an old-fashioned conservatory. Today, garden rooms are used in many different ways: a lot of people simply use their extra space as a place to relax away from their house, others have […]

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