We are a company that is passionate about designing and delivering the best in contemporary garden rooms.  Our enthusiasm for architectural design, blended with an acute attention to detail and vast experience in the manufacturing industry has allowed us to offer a leading edge product that is a cut above the rest.

We pride ourself on the architectural aesthetics and quality we offer our customers and ensure we deliver a product that will meet and usually exceed expectations.  We feel that our studios and company are leading the way forward in the market sector and is now a leading player in the supply, installation and manufacturing of timber framed garden buildings, studios, offices and houses. utilises the manufacturing facilities and experience from its sister company Bark Joinery.  This unique position has allowed to manufacture all the components in-house in a controlled environment.  Not only does this ensure quality is kept to a high standard, it also offers considerable savings which we gladly pass onto our customers.  Additionally, we are not restricted in our design to relying on suppliers and are fortunate to be able to offer a design and aesthetic that cannot be matched.

The original and primary goal was to challenge the current garden studio market as it was felt that the current available products lacked design, creativity, function and aesthetics.  Many years later, this has now come to realisation and we feel that offers the best in contemporary garden rooms in both design and aesthetics, cost and materials. limited is an enthusiastic company spearheading the design of contemporary living spaces.  At, we believe that everyone should have extra space in their life…

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