Here at studios we offer a full and personal service with all our garden rooms; our main aim is to make the whole process run as smoothly as possible.  Our team are here to provide an array of services and can take care of the full process from inception to completion, providing design services, bespoke and custom studio solutions, through to full planning applications.

See how we can help you every step of the way:-

1.         Survey & Quote

To fully understand the context of your site and before any build commences, we would visit and survey the site.  Various elements of a site need to be addressed prior to any installation, such as:

  • Ground conditions
  • Electrical services
  • Other service requirements
  • Access
  • Studio location
  • Overall analysis

All our garden rooms typically vary in size and design due to their bespoke nature; we would usually provide you with a FREE and accurate quote based on your requirements and initial design.

  1.          Bespoke Design

We offer completely bespoke solutions, allowing you to fully customise your room to your desired requirements and lifestyle choices.  Add space to your life and create your very own garden office, art room, games room, library, music/dance studio or simply just an extra bedroom.  Whatever the use, our rooms are built using the same method as a timber framed house and are built with the commodities that you would naturally expect, such as heating, lighting and window blinds.

3.         Planning

Generally planning permission is not required for garden rooms due to their classification as an ‘outbuilding’, which means they tend to fall under permitted development.  However some more complex builds will require permission, this is a service we can provide to take the headache away from you.

4.         Manufacturing

All of our solutions are prefabricated off site whilst certain parts of the construction happen on site.  The prefabrication of our designs provides many benefits such as cost saving, efficiency, speed and accuracy.  All designs are manufactured on a made to order basis in our own East Midlands factory, with a short lead time of between 2-5 weeks.

  1.          Installation & Delivery

Once manufacturing of your garden room has been completed, our professional and experienced installation team will take care of the full build.  Installation varies from project to project, but a typical build can take under 1 week for a garden office and 3-5 weeks for the larger garden studios.

  1.          Payment

Why not have your dream studio now rather than later?  With a credit or finance solution this can ease the payments over a period of months or years.

  1.          Guarantee

All our builds are to the highest and exacting of standards. To ensure the quality and integrity of our finished product, we offer a 5 Year Guarantee as standard. After 5 years, our garden rooms will of course continue to remain as it was intended and are built to last a lifetime. One other guarantee we will make, is that will provide you with a life changing garden room to be proud of!

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